Hi! I’m Amber and I’m a recovering slob (only half kidding). While I was not born with the “tidy” gene, I have manifested one. I feel that staying on top of your house and your belongings is the key to a calm and productive day. Time is our most precious commodity. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. If much of a day is wasted (like mine used to be) looking for things one needs, and cleaning things one doesn’t need, that is time that could be spent doing things that enrich one’s life – spending time with kids, or animals, or exercising…you get it.

When I began getting out from under my messes, and taking back my space by decluttering, I got rid of years of baggage. I felt free. I could find things. My kids could find things. My husband stopped asking me where everything was (so annoying!). My kids became more creative because they knew where to find the creative materials. My kids became more independent. My kids became more responsible because they were able to stay on top of their messes, as they weren’t overwhelmed with their stuff. I wasn’t as intimidated by my kitchen, and began cooking healthier meals, which resulted in me losing weight. By getting rid of the items that were bringing him stress and guilt, my husband found a passion in painting. Long story short, getting rid of stuff can be transformative. And organizing the stuff you have is empowering.

I feel so passionately about this process that I have started a company, Tidy Hour, to help others take back their own space by getting rid of the things in their lives that don’t serve them, and embrace what they really are looking for in life.

If you would like to know more about me or watch my journey from messy to minimal, check out my youtube channel: Tidy Hour