Shortly after her son was born in 2013, founder Amber Cammidge realized her family’s “stuff” was taking time away from what she really wanted, spending time with family. She was surrounded by things her family didn’t want or need, and the stuff was creating a stressful environment.

She spent the next few years learning how to live with fewer items, understanding how to organize the items she needed, and implementing strategies that have helped create a calm environment for her family.

Now she helps other families learn how to live with less stress by getting rid of things they don’t need, and organizing the items they do.

Living with other people can be challenging. She offers tried-and-true strategies to keep your home a calm and relaxing space.

The goal of Tidy Hour is to create a judgement-free zone to support and teach others ways to make their lives easier by keeping things organized!

If you would like to know more about Amber or watch her journey from messy to minimal, check out her Youtube channel: Tidy Hour